Overview of the Project

REDIMPS (Research and Development of International Matrix Prediction System) is a project founded by the Strategic Japanese-French Cooperative Program on "Information and Communications Technology including Computer Science" with the CNRS and the JST. The goal of this international collaboration is to build an international sparse linear equation solver expert site. Among the objectives of the project, one resides in the cooperation of the TLSE partners and the JAEA in the testing, the validation and the promotion of the TLSE system that is currently released. JAEA, who is one of the leading institute and organization of Japanese HPC, is studying high-performance numerical simulation method on novel super computers, and is expecting to find the best linear solver within this collaboration.

By integrating knowledge and technology of JAEA and TLSE partners, we aim at promoting of an international expert system for sparse linear algebra using an international grid computing environment.


  1. Test, validation and promotion of the TLSE system that is currently released.
  2. Interoperability between the AEGIS/ITBL and DIET Grid Middleware is achieved.
  3. Annual France-Japan workshops on Grid computing and sparse linear algebra are organized together with joined demontrations and presentations.

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